Restaurant Management

Welcome to the Management page of African Drum Restaurant. With the information on this page I will tell you more about me, the restaurant and the wonderful staff behind it.

About Me

My name is Agbota Samuel Obode. I own and manage the restaurant African Drum. Originally I am from Nigeria in west Africa. I have chosen to stay with my family in Cologne because of its friendliness and great multicultural Engagement. Based on these facts I developed the interest and passion to start the restaurant "African Drum". In my free time I create new recipes for the restaurant, if I am not with family or friends.

Here is the list of our menus. We hope your experience with us becomes positive and unforgettable.

The Restaurant

African Drum is one of the oldest African restaurant in Cologne with the aim to provide you with west African cuisine while entertaining you with the right music. Simply, we offer you an African atmosphere in the center of Cologne city.

Are you curious about African cuisine and way of life? Would you like experience it? Why don't you simply come over? I believe we can satisfy your curiosity and hope you enjoy your stay with us.

A. S. Obode